About me

Tour Manager for music Artist's

Director of Live Operations for The Marsé Group

Semi pro photographer

I'm someone who loves working in the creative world, if it be in the office, our on the road or behind the scenes.

Mainly coming from the music industry I can bring my diverse experience to the table with logistic planning, budget creations, staff sorting, planing events over the course of weeks/months, advancing projects, looking after artists, crew management, dealing with multiple clients between projects, data management and accounting.

Always enjoy setting new tasks ahead and building a new network of outstanding people that I can work with and also bring with me whenever I have the opportunity to do so.

I am currently looking to go towards the film and tv industry after years of being in the music industry, unfortunately covid has had a major impact on this industry and its time to set a new challenge. (And see if anyone will help point me I the right direction)

Always happy to do the jobs other people are not and no job is ever to small!!!

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