John Lewis London


I spent 10 years working for this amazing company. What a privilege it was to be able to cut my teeth by working on Gifting, Food, Homeware and Fashion. I was responsible for co-ordinating everything and making sure each piece of the jigsaw fitted firmly in place. Working on a range of marketing materials such as brochures, press packs, direct mail, catalogues, POS materials and magazines. Arranging and attending model castings, location hunting and booking. Managing photo shoots, both large and small scale, whilst also ensuring the design studio ran smoothly and efficiently and that everything was on time and in budget. This was the start of my love for a good spread sheet!

Over time my experience allowed me to become more involved in the art direction and styling and I was trusted to arrange and manage large fashion and home photo shoots abroad. Not only was I arranging everything from the production team to the carnet, but I was hands on in making sure everything looked incredible.

After a while I really wanted to get more involved on the digital side of the business. John Lewis had just bought it's own website and were starting to reskin and build it up. I joined that team as the Photography Manager and went about creating the photographic content for the site.The cherry on top was watching the genius, John McConnell from Pentagram, working on the early noughties rebranding of the John Lewis logo.

After 10 years I decided to spread my wings and try a different company and that move led me to working for another retail behemoth, Marks and Spencer. Find out more about that in the M&S project folder.


John Lewis & Partners 1996 - 2006