Digital Artist for a Unique Project


  • Remote  
    1,000 fixed budget  
  • Company
    Laser Battle  
    Start date
    any time soon  
  • Closing date
    15 November 2021  
    Posted on
    9 October 2021  

I am looking to get an Aztec theme sets done.

The job is to create a generic series of graphic art mainly generic brick walls resembling the Aztec civilization. These will be used in our laser tag project site.  

You will develop a theme set of artwork in the sizes specified below:

(A) Generic Walls - brick walls from Aztec civilization:
4ft (width) x 7ft (height).
8ft (width) x 7ft (height).
2ft (width) x 7ft (height).

(B) Featured Walls:
Wall 1 = background: water theme.
25ft (width) x 12ft (height).
25ft (width) x 12ft (height).

Wall 2 - background: civilization structure theme:
25ft (width) x 12ft (height).
25ft (width) x 12ft (height).

Wall 3 - background: jungle theme:
22ft (width) x 12ft (height).
26ft (width) x 12ft (height).

Wall 4 - background: futuristic Aztec (could be building, statues, etc):
25ft (width) x 12ft (height).
20ft (width) x 12ft (height).

I like you to go for 1 generic wall and 1 featured wall, if the team likes it, we will allocate the remaining of the theme sets to you. I have a sample of a generic wall and a featured wall that I have done before in the past by using airbrush. However, we need your graphic art expertise to make them look amazing for print production instead of airbrush.
The featured wall does not need to be overly 20ft long at this point of time. It can be set to the size that you want, as the purpose is for my team to review only and not for production. Even a colour sketch is acceptable.  
Since the size of the featured walls are huge, we will need to cut them to size 4ft (width) x 12 (length) for printing production and we will install by joining the pieces. Each featured wall will have a specific theme background with a unique feature Aztec elements, for example, an Aztec emblem, a prop-looking feature or warrior statues etc.   

The printing production will be in UV prints (fluorescent ink). 

The design project timeline will be 1 - 2 months, this depends on your workload and timeline. The best way to work this out is a formal discussion.   

It will be great if we can meet for a brief.