Cinematographer / Camera Operator required for a fitness project

  • Hampton, London  
    Project, Freelance  
    15 to 20 per hour  
  • Company
    ViPER Living  
    Start date
    30 weeks / Up to 10 Hours a week  
  • Closing date
    22 September 2020  
    Posted on
    23 July 2020  

Looking for one or two camera operators to work on a video project to shoot scenes in the outdoor and indoor spaces. 

Job Description: -

Exceptional experience is not required, however, it will be beneficial to witness the level of enthusiasm and creativity that the operator can bring to the project. They will need to take innitiative to find angles and camera locations from where they can get better shots. You will also be incharge of a portable high resolution voice recorder which you will need to place at strategic locations to capture conversations that are being filmed. A clicker will be provided to be used after starting the recording on all audio-visual devices. 

Qualifiers: -

You must attend a demo shoot which will pay £20 for an hour of shooting time. You will be given the opportunity to take home the recordings that you have made during that hour. Please apply to arrange a demo shoot.

Equipment to be used (provided): -

Camera to be used will be a Sony or similar 4k shooting handheld Video camera. Most probably a Sony RX0 II or DJI Osmo Pocket. Suggestions will be welcome because the investment has not yet been made. You will not need to bring any equipment to the shoots which saves you the trouble of carrying extra items when travelling to and from the location of shoots. 

Requirements: -

The operator will be provided with weather protective equipment when needed, if they do not already posess such equipment, and must be able to keep up with the pace of the shoots when out and about. They must be in a relatively fit condition, enough to move quick and for short periods of time, like when filming a real scenes of an outdoor run. You must be open minded and not judge whatever it is you aare filming. Even if you think that the content is not worth a shot, you need to try your best to get the best shot. 

It is an added benefit, if you are able to produce the final cut of the episodes at the end of each milestone in the project. Additional pay will be provided for editing, finishing and production of the episodes in a format that will be possible to deliver to viewers through streaming sites. A computer will be provided for performing resource intensive tasks. 

A brief outlook into the project and the subject of focus: -

The focus of the filming must be placed on the primary subject throughout the entire operation. You may also need to bring into light the objects and people that the subject interacts with. You will be recording the story of the subject as they journey through a major physical transformation. 

Benefits provided: -

Due to the nature of the shoot, it is very likely that you will be granted a free monthly pass to the gym where the shooting will take place. You will be paid slightly higher rates for working on weekends. An option will be offered to you where you can adjust the amount you are getting for a compensation in the form of a percentage of the total profit made due to the prospects of the final video being released. Bonus and heightned pay up to 4x will be provided for filming, when required, of prospects that are not related to the subject of the main project. 

Ongoing contracts will most likely provided for the start of the next year with an increased salary for successful candidates, should they choose to work on the same project again in the future.

Ideal Candidate: -

A freelancing producer who wishes to enhance their portfolio with a project that they can bring to life in a cinematic manner. Ideally, they will be looking for a project that they can take over on a long term in the future. Must be situated within reach of Hampton, United Kingdom. 

Ank Raj - Living ViPER

BEng Mechanical - MIET

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