Branding/Web Designer


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    Proposals Accepted
  • Company
    XL Event Lab  
    Start date
    2-4 weeks  
  • Closing date
    12 July 2022  
    Posted on
    12 May 2022  

XL Event Lab is seeking a creative design agency to help us with brand identity and website design for a number of our events. The first is an upcoming event called 'Pop In The City'. Following completion of that project we are keen to give a number of our existing brands and websites a refresh - XL Event Lab itself, Big Bounce America & Headphone Disco.

A fast growing company, we are regularly introducing new concepts and are looking for a long term creative partner that can help us communicate these visually with eye-catching designs.

The Event:

Event Name: Pop In The City.
Tagline: A Walk, Swim & Slide-Through Experience.

'Pop In The City' is an interactive inflatable installation that will be in Manhattan during summer 2022. It will be outdoors on a pedestrianised plaza in the heart of midtown. 100ft in length, it will feature among other elements a giant ball pit with a DJ in the middle, slides, a section filled with glitter balls, one filled with bubbles and another with snow. There is a recurring 'ball' theme throughout.

The Brief:

We're looking for a creative designer to come up with the branding (logo & web design) for this project. You will have a lot of creative freedom, though we will share some more details to help guide you as part of the next steps.


This project has been commissioned with fairly short notice, so time is against us. The event opens at the very start of August. We're hoping to have a logo and simple landing/sign up page in place within 2 weeks and a full website in place within 4 weeks. Future projects won't require turnaround times as quick as this.

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