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    project: €250 to 1,000  
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    Christian Cohle  
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    10 September 2019  
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    12 August 2019  

This commision is for a new musical project which I will be unveiling to the public in the coming months. With my album coming out early next year, my PR company (Outpost Media) will be beginning my PR campaign soon.

The promo vid will play against a 30-second audio snippet from a track from the album. The aim for this promo is to introduce this new project and to inform people of of the album release e.g.

Christian Cohle - Debut Album - 2020.

This is what I had in mind. I will supply the chosen designer with a press shot or two. I want them to basically add some nice effects and play with the shots to give them a sense of movement and be harmonious with the audio. This is one idea, more ideas are welcome, that is why the budget has a larger range. Alternative ideas are welcome once they adhere to the aesthetic of this project which I will break down now.

The music is electronic, quite dark and haunting. The aesthetic developed for the album cover was black&white, minimal , moody and embraced lots of negative space. Kraftwerk-y at times if you are familiar with them.  Press shots of the artist can be supllied as well as the music and album cover to reference the aesthetic.

Note : I am located in Dublin, Ireland. So if we need to chat it will have to be over the phone, skype etc. 

There is also a possibility of more commissions down the line, if the job turns out well.

Audio that will be used for the vid: