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    8 September 2021  
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    9 July 2021  

Previs Animators work with the Leads and Supervisors to design and create shots for complex action sequences. We are looking for talented Animators/Shot Creators, capable of working in a fast-moving environment and with a proven track record in high-end VFX and/or high-end Previs. Skills in layout, timing and great cinematography are essential, as well as excellent communication skills.

Job description:

Working from storyboards and/or written scripts, you will create shots within Maya in order to build a sequence which will be used to inform a live action shoot. You will therefore be tasked with creating the look of the shots as well as developing the performance and staging of the characters/creatures.

  • Referencing and importing assets into Maya
  • Motion studies of key assets, animation cycles, body mechanics, performance with a realistic style, keyframe posing - all finished to a high level
  • Scene layout with asset environments, position and timing of assets and camera layout
  • Animating character rigs, camera rigs and basic fx animation

Job requirements:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of animation in Maya
  • Strong sense of cinematic composition and lighting, including lensing knowledge.
  • Strong character animation (timing and performance).
  • Camera animation.
  • Knowledge of cinematic language and technical terminology.
  • Able to work with motion and/or performance capture data.
  • Able to take and interpret creative direction.
  • Adaptable and accepting of creative change throughout a project.
  • Understand shooting methodology and can apply to shot creation.
  • Understand the fundamentals of techvis and Virtual Production.
  • Able to apply shooting methodology information to Previs to create technical solutions for production.
  • Able to solve and design solutions to on set needs.
  • Can translate CG cameras and animation to apply to real life situations.
  • Able to work with motion blur and lighting in Maya in order to create mood and atmosphere within a playblast.
  • Understanding of physical limits in real-world cinematography
  • Ability to visualise shots and understand screen direction
  • Experience of virtual camera systems
  • Knowledge of geometry caching
  • Basic particle animation skills a plus
  • Team orientated and able to take direction from Supervisor
  • Adaptable and flexible - accepting of changes
  • Generalist modelling/rigging skills are desirable

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