Environment Artist


  • London  
    London, United Kingdom
  • Company
    Industrial Light & Magic  
    Start date
  • Closing date
    15 May 2023  
    Posted on
    15 March 2023  

Position Summary:

*We are hiring at all levels for this discipline*

Environment Artists work closely with multiple departments to conceptualise, model, set dress, texture and look-dev published environments for use across the pipeline. Build on related concept art and photographic references to bring the concept to life. Partner with creative and technical departments to create stunning, photoreal environments for both film and episodic projects.

What you'll do:

  • Responsible for creating 3D environments, both photorealistic and stylized.
  • Performing layout and set dressing of environments using 3D assets.
  • Ensuring published environments function correctly in the pipeline.
  • Work with the lighting department to ensure environments render efficiently and without errors.
  • Creation of individual assets including modelling, texturing, look dev, and publishing.
  • Sourcing suitable reference materials for required assets.
  • Responsible for presenting lit and shaded environments for feedback.
  • Working with lead environment artists to address any creative or technical feedback.
  • Participating in team reviews of work under development.
  • Meeting defined milestones within a timeline by attending dailies and participating in creative problem-solving.

What we're looking for:

  • Proven track record contributing to photorealistic CG landscapes.
  • Proficiency with procedural set dressing and scattering systems, including Layout,
  • Familiarity with 3D asset creation.
  • Strong understanding of visual language - texture, colour, dimension, scale, perspective, lighting, shade, composition depth of field, proportion, etc.
  • Technically proficient, self-motivated, proactive, and enjoys problem-solving.
  • Collaborative, team-player attitude: open and receptive to new ideas, constructive criticism, direction and changes.
  • Excellent time keeping skills, attention to targets and deadlines
  • Experience with Houdini
  • Experience working with photogrammetry.
  • Experience with Katana.
  • Experience with 2.5D projection techniques in Nuke or similar packages.
  • Experience with scripting/automation.
  • Basic lighting skills.

About Industrial Light & Magic:

Founded in 1975 by George Lucas, ILM is the leading effects facility in the world, serving the motion picture, commercial production, and attraction industries. ILM has created visual effects for over 325 feature films and has played a key role in seven of the top 10 worldwide box-office hits of all time and has contributed to 25 of the top 50. ILM has set the standard for visual effects, creating some of the most stunning images in the history of film. At the forefront of the digital revolution, the company continues to break new ground in visual effects, VR, AR, and Immersive Cinema.

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