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I´m an integrated Creative Director who originally wanted to be an architect, but instead of building houses, I ended up help building brands.

Since I started in this industry, I've worked in 4 different countries, Portugal, Spain, Brazil and United States. During this long journey, I've been honored to work for global and local brands such as Volvo, Canon, United Nations, Audi, Coca Cola, Vodafone, Burger King, Unilever, Philips, Bosch, P&G, States United United To Prevent Gun Violence, among others.

I deeply believe that our role in this industry goes beyond selling products, like in the old days. I feel that we have the power of changing people's lives for better. I'm so happy to work with clients who share the same believe. I've also been lucky to work for drug addiction, organ transplant and gun control associations.

In 2013 Ogilvy Brazil won Cannes Lions Agency Of The Year. I was so thrilled to be on stage with the winning team by having contributed with 1 Grand Prix and 7 lions for that achievement. That same year, I was ranked among the Top 10 Art Directors in the world according to The Cannes Report 2013

Since I joined Grey in 2014, I helped the office become for 2 years in a row, the second most awarded agency in the world at Cannes, with a total of 21 lions (14 in 2015 and 7 in 2016). I also helped the agency winning business in our current and new clients, like Canon, Microsoft and others.

I believe that great ideas, bring great business. Who said that creatives don't know about business, must had only work in places where I wouldn't wanna work. As a creative leader, I like to work with people that enjoy to make fun of themselves, because having fun is key to do outstanding work. Talent alone doesn't get you anywhere. We work so hard for so many hours, having fun is mandatory. In most of the cases, the result of work hard+have fun, is great work. And great work makes everyone happy, including clients.

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