About me

Dear Sirs, my name is João Correia, I am 22 years old, I live in Portugal, but i'm moving to

london in 1 month.

I always felt like the world of arts was mine. In high school pursue visual arts. I've studied

Design at IADE,

in Lisbon, and I have finished with 14 values(scale 0-20).

Today I'm looking to invest more profoundly on the path of design. I do freelance jobs and i

also did some

internships hat were important to complement my education.

I´ve always used my criativity in every challenge that I accepted, like as souts(CNE),

where i was fifeteen

years, so as in the place that I have worked, an elementary school, where i was

responsable for taking

care of the kids and do creative activities with them.

I'm interest in Design area, I've publish some of my works on the following site,


it's this kind of work that. I would like to do on my professional career.

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