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Stage design is for me a philosophy, written with form, color and image. I was always fascinated with the idea, that spacial concepts represent the certain understanding of the world. Scenography defines the persona played by the actor, just like space defines us as the people - geometry organizes the Universe and brings it for us out of the chaos, and leads us towards harmony and comprehension of being.

I started to work as a stage designer when I was still studying theatre science, and when I was especially interested in semiotics and cognitive aspect of the theater theory. During stage design studies I rediscovered geometry, which is now for me the unfailing source of inspiration. Maybe that is why scenography stays for me always between art and science. I always try to combine those two factors in my work, and I try to remember, that in order to be able to communicate with the audience I need to know the language of the form, and operate it also on a deeper, subconscious level.


3D Animation, 3D design and animation, Art Direction, Costume Design, digital design, Event Design, Exhibition Design, Interior Design, Multimedia, production design, props mastery, stage design, technical drawings

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