Iconic American breakfast brand Wheaties had always taken a bold approach to branding in a category bound by conventions. Amongst a sea of character brands and bowlfuls of product photography, Wheaties boxes featured famous sporting heroes. Over time though, functional benefits had overtaken emotional resonance and Wheaties was struggling to maintain relevance.

The brief
In recent years, Wheaties had become a faded icon. The brand struggled to maintain relevance with younger consumers and needed to reevaluate its role in modern life and culture. Wheaties had focused on selling the functional benefits of their cereal and lacked emotional resonance.

The creative idea
Wheaties has always taken an unconventional approach within a category dominated by cartoon characters and bowlfuls of product reassurance. We encouraged Wheaties to embrace its original sense of confidence and and reclaim its distinctive editorial style; a breath of fresh air and a striking appearance on shelf.

We recognized that today’s consumers respond to a set of role models that is far wider than sporting legends. Leveraging this insight we broadened the definition of “champion” to a mindset, rather than a sporting title. We brought back the confidence of the brand’s original pioneering spirit by adopting a striking editorial approach. We kicked precautionary category conventions into touch and gave the brand its swagger back.

The impact
A winning design with a complete visual identity system and a pipeline of new pack editions put the brand on the front foot again. By simplifying and strengthening the brands iconic equities and leveraging a more contemporary editorial style, we have layed the fundamental design foundation for The Breakfast of Champions to make its comeback.

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