Ugly make fruit-flavoured sparkling water. But they also do a little bit more than that. Since their launch in 2015 with a punchy product and a name to match, they’ve proven themselves a credible challenger to a multi-billion dollar industry that over-promises and under-delivers. Perfectly poised to appeal to a Gen-Z thirsty for authenticity in their brands, the time was ripe to take Ugly to the next level.

Creative Idea

Ugly are a brand founded on rejecting received wisdom and flipping the norm on its head. Healthy drinks don’t come in cans. Beautiful brands don’t call themselves Ugly. We channeled that rebellious spirit into a single compelling idea: ‘The Ugly Truth’. Exposing it became the brand’s mission in life, whilst the thrill that comes with saying the unsayable gave Ugly an infectious personality that cuts through the noise.

Creative Expression

From fruits with attitude to sharp-tongued totes, every touchpoint of the brand came together to bring ‘The Ugly Truth’ to life. Provocative in style and unfiltered in tone, the result was a big, bold rallying cry, able to transcend cult status and mobilise the Ugly mob all around the world.

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