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The Havana Club brand has a rich and contentious history. Our task was to redesign the packaging for both Havana Club Clasico and Blanco variants with the objective of conveying the heritage, quality and tenacity of the Arechebalas and their storied rum.

In redesigning the packaging, we wanted to honour the tenacity of the Arechabala family story and resurrect the richness and craft with which the rum is distilled. After an immersion in the Bacardi archives, the team drew inspiration from the vintage labels, which informed many of the design decisions.

Havana Club Clasico and Blanco launched in the U.S. in June 2016. The brand quickly garnered positive press and reignited the debate about the true Cuban original. Complemented with a communications plan, Bacardi’s Havana Club is well on its way to reclaiming it’s rightful place in history.

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