Pitch 100 Superwoman: Anjali Vasudevan

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First up, it’s Anjali Vasudevan, Client Director, Singapore.

Anjali, congratulations on being named as one of Pitch Magazine’s 100 Superwomen!

We’d love to get to know you a little better…

Firstly, please could tell us a bit about yourself and your role at JKR

When did you join the agency?

September 2017, so close to 2 years now.

How would you describe your job?

The glue that keeps it all together. At its heart, my job involves understanding, managing and supporting people. At its brain, it’s all about problem solving. Be it for clients, designers, strategists or consumers. Oh and throw in massive amounts of negotiations, medium doses of crisis management and small egos to assuage from time to time :)

What does a typical working day look like?

There isn’t a typical day! But on most days, it starts off with catching up with my team and hopefully a laugh. Then follows an overview of the projects, tasks for the day, addressing emails and generally feeling the vibe for the day. Some days are intense with multiple reviews, client presentations and tough negotiations. The quieter days usually involve catching up on pending operational and financial issues. The really good days are when we share the kickass work coming out of the design studio and receive a big client ‘wow’ in return.

Tell us about a time when you felt totally unstoppable at work?

My first project at JKR was Jif Jaf. It was one of the biggest projects that JKR Singapore had ever undertaken, with deliverables including our first animated films. The stakes were high, the pressure was on and the client was seeking exceptional results. The team had already put in months of work and I just had to help bring it home. The combination of all these factors gave me such a high! I had to roll my sleeves up as soon as I came in to make sure we delivered the project and launched in China in 6 months. We did. I was immensely proud of myself and the team for delivering a really tough project on time with a fantastic case study to boot.  

Why do we need to champion more epic Superwomen in the creative industry?

There is just so much fabulous female talent in the business that deserves to be recognised. The quiet ones in the background, the bold and brave ones who take charge, the shy, brilliant ones, the creative geniuses and so many more. We need to see and hear these inspiring women and their stories not only because they deserve to be celebrated, but also so that women in the industry and especially the next generation has something to aspire to. I also think awards such as these are great opportunities to create vibrant, creative communities that can help support, mentor and guide women. The creative industry can only be richer for it.

What was your reaction to being named a Superwomen?

Gobsmacked for starters. When Intan and Katie revealed that they had put me forward as a Superwoman, I think my eyes popped out a bit! They shared the description they had sent across and I was mighty flattered. And then when it was announced that I had made the list, I just felt super honoured to be named amongst such humongous talent in the industry. Pleased as punch and I hope to live up to the tag.

Who was the first person you told?

A close friend.

If you could nominate the next JKR Superwoman, who would you choose and why?

Maisharaqh Mustajab. A very talented designer with oodles of spirit and all kinds of cool. She is smart, passionate, knows her job and delivers consistently, without a fuss. She asks the right questions, brings depth to her work and also presents her work like a boss. She is hungry to do more, be more, achieve more. Her latest passion is creating kickass brand films. A wicked sense of humour and charm galore, she gets my vote as the next JKR Superwoman.



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