Jeremi Director, Photographer & Creative director


The idea of this series came last year during the pandemic.

As we were all distancing and trying to find (creative) resources within ourselves, I found many have managed to reshuffle the cards.

These two brothers live in the suburbs of my hometown, St Etienne in France, and I found visually striking to place them in between the realms of dream and fantasy, were they could be kings for one day, having all the toys they could ever dream of, cars, even a castle, and why not own land too.

And yet, if we take a step back, how is this not real, and why wouldn’t it be after all? Nowadays, we see more and more young adults from gen z becoming kings of the world from day 1 to day 2.

And I think that for instance, the two brothers’ appearance is putting forward the fact that they come from a minority community that; 1st deserves more inclusion, and 2nd more credit.
Two albinos brothers rule the world here, and they might very well do so in real life soon.

The story behind the project is no more simple than just taking my own life experience and extracting the fact that even if I sometimes look the part, or some part at least, it does not necessarily mean that my history or my pain is not real, and that’s true the other way around.
Basically, “the clothes don’t make the man”, and we should always seek to get to know and communicate with the people that we meet.


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