Jeff Daniels Creative Director


I first started dabbling with 3D software packages to develop an efficient way of creating high-quality images that would enable me to explain, at a molecular level, the mode-of-actions of the many novel pharmaceutical products for which we create promotional campaigns.

Although visual explanations of how products work are integral elements of most healthcare communication approaches, they rarely attract significant budget allocation.

The 3D route presented a relatively quick, low-cost, high-quality option, once you get over the rather considerable learning curve.

From that point, it was but a small additional step to start using 3D software as an illustrative tool in its own right, for all kinds of subject matter, either to create images for market research purposes or for final use.

Having had the opportunity, over time, to experiment with almost all 3D packages, I now tend to stick to the two or three I know best.


Who pooled - 3D Visualisation: Bathroom Interior