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New interactive, online platform takes the customer into the car without leaving home.

This month Fiat is launching an innovative platform, Fiat Live Store, that changes the way people get information about and interact with cars; by humanizing the purchase-decision process in a unique way.

The project uses technology that connects people to a team of experts specially trained to show Fiat models to prospective customers in real time.

On accessing Live Store through the Fiat portal, consumers will be attended by live audio and video generated by experts. Using eye-level micro cameras they show all details of the car, allowing the consumer to see everything firsthand in an immersive experience. The goal is to make visitors forget that they are on Internet and feel as though they were inside the car.

The experts use a headset, MyStream®, especially developed for the project, which contains a high-resolution micro camera, a microphone, headphones and a streaming device. As well as MyStream®, they will always have a tablet on hand, with which they can share more information about the cars on screen, such as colors and accessories. At the end of the demonstration, Live Store allows the consumer to schedule a test drive at the closest Fiat dealership.

“A Fiat Live Store is a platform that empowers the consumer by having access to overall, detailed information on FIAT cars. The project has a hybrid profile and objective, it performs the role of publicizing products and approximating the consumer to the brand, encouraging a trip to the dealership to test-drive the car”, said João Ciaco, Fiat publicity and relationship-marketing director.

Currently, the Fiat portal is the most accessed by sector players with an average of 6 million hits per month and over a million cars assembled, using the Assemble Your Car tool. “Live Store is more of a way to help the purchase-decision process. It is the moment that antecedes the test drive and induces the more interested customer to buy the product at the dealership”, explains Ciaco.

Fiat Live Store is housed in a studio of over 600m2 in Betim, Minas Gerais, put together by The Marketing Store agency and working with AgênciaClick Isobar technology. It is open for service from Monday to Saturday (confirm with FIAT and Mkt Store) and initially is working with Freemont, Fiat 500 Cabrio, Novo Punto, Novo Palio and Strada models, from 10 am to 7 pm.

“More than a great publicity idea, a Fiat Live Store is a business model. More than 60 professionals are working on the project since last year. I believe that this is the future of advertising: doing things that don't look like advertising, but are relevant to our customers and desired by people.” said Fred Saldanha, Chief Creative Officer at AgênciaClick Isobar.

Technology as a consumer ally

Consumers can access the Fiat Live Store platform through the site. Users log in to the system via Facebook, which automatically integrates the platform with the social network, or give their name and e-mail. After connection-speed and audio tests, they watch an introductory video and, in sequence, choose the car they want to know more about, with expert support. Another available option is to accompany an ongoing visit as a listener.

With the MyStream® device and the tablet, the expert provides immersion in the Fiat world, taking the customer inside the car. At the end of the visit, Fiat Live Store allows the scheduling of a test drive at the closest dealership, based on desktop, notebook or mobile-device IP locality. Customers can also access relevant information and various demonstrative videos in the process of choosing a car.

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