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Coca-Cola summer campaign, ‘Share a Coke and add drama to your summer' launched a TV commercial which featured a dino-tastic monster chasing a young man through the forest in pursuit of an ice cold Coca-Cola.

Our challenge was to find ways in which Coca-Cola could allow consumers themselves to add drama to their summer that brought the campaign to life in digital.

Users could film themselves teleporting or being attacked by a giant dinosaur. They could fight their friends with a mysterious forcefield or fill the air with love and romance. Isobar China created 8 different effects to let people in China add drama to their summer with Coca-Cola. As well as being shared socially, all of the films were also hosted on the video sharing site 'Youku'. We made sharing a Coke more dramatic.

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Date published: 8 February 2016 2016-02-08T15:03:38+0000



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How Coke made sharing a Coke more dramatic:


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