Lir is a luxurious independent chocolatier set their heart on a beautiful, hand-crafted chocolate packaging which established their luxurious premium brand quality.

We were briefed to redesign the brand identity and packaging and produce a packing design for a collection of Lir boxed chocolates and bars. Without straying too far from either the current codes of the market or the practicalities of displaying on-shelf.

They had all the right ingredients from the outset – delectable recipes, quality ingredients and a mythical heritage steeped in tradition, but their brand image simply wasn’t stacking up. They needed a design overhaul that would come to represent the luxuriousness of the chocolate as well as give a meaningful nod to the Irish mythology of its brand name.

Lir a reference to The Children of Lir, a great Irish myth which tells the sorrowful tale of Lir’s four children who were turned into swans by his jealous second wife, Aoife. The swans, chained together forever, took flight into the night sky clouds.

Our creative exploration was inspired by Lir’s mythical heritage and each of Lir personality trails, carrying itself with sophistication, grace and beauty. Each pillar brought forth a different attribute; smart, elegant and captivating, to lead to the Lir essence – a simple love with chocolate.

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JDO Brand Design & Innovation on Lir Chocolate



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