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How could we ensure Jurassic World was this year’s biggest blockbuster?
With no UK film premiere event for Jurassic World, Universal Pictures needed a campaign like no other to drive ticket sales, hype and those all important editorial inches (PR) yet how to deliver something spectacular? How to deliver something that would capture the hearts of consumers? well that was our brief.we brought Jurassic World to life in the UK’s busiest station.

With the aid of a series of media firsts, we at JCDecaux turned London Waterloo into Jurassic World - the biggest and slickest makeover ever. It was the first time an advertiser had true 100% station domination at Waterloo.

On the Friday before launch, a large shipping crate mysteriously appeared in the middle of the station concourse. When commuters returned on Monday, the crate had burst open and the velociraptors it had contained were on the loose in the station.
Commuters entering Waterloo had unknowingly embarked on an unforgettable journey. Rangers distributed ‘park maps’, whilst people went face-to-face with the velociraptors to take that all important selfie (to encourage this, tweeted selfies were displayed on the huge Motion@Waterloo screen). In a global media first, we created a dinosaur gallery with a guided audio tour, delivered using new BBH and JCDecaux technology – Beakle. This audio-synchronisation product delivers accompanying audio for a digital screen or poster through a user’s mobile phone handset.
There was something to experience everywhere. Vinyl wraps and digital panels enveloped passengers with the sounds and visuals of a jungle, dinosaurs and aquarium; huge digital screens played Jurassic World featurettes that were also made audible using Beakle; banners, floor stickers and screens ensured that even if people wanted to, just like in the film, there was no escaping Jurassic World.
In true theme park style, there was even a Jurassic World gift shop where people could buy memorabilia and pre-book their Odeon movie tickets.
To ensure sales were maximised on a national level, MediaCom tracked ongoing ticket sales data from Odeon. To push sales in regions where tickets were low, we also deployed a smart, real-time, optimised Outdoor campaign using our nationwide digital screens across rail, roadside and retail environments.
The campaign looked and sounded amazing! It was the best opening box office weekend of 2015 - beating Avengers: Age Of Ultron at £18.26m. Jurassic World accounted for 76% of all UK cinema-goers during opening weekend.
Interaction with the Jurassic World experience was record-breaking too.
So how did this all begin? It all started 12 months in advance of the movie release when we were invited to pitch against 30 of the worlds heavy weight media (the likes of Google, Facebook, ITV etc) how were we- the worlds most traditional media owner going to deliver an idea that would drive those core KPIs? that was our challenge.

Working with MediaCom and Universal Studios, our idea was to create a sensory immersion into Spielberg’s Jurassic World so awe-inspiring that people would not only experience the thrill of a dinosaur theme park for themselves but they’d also share that experience with their friends. We literally turned Waterloo station into Jurassic world, an immersive dinosaur experience, featuring velociraptors, a multi-media dinosaur gallery and pop-up shop. Even Steven Spielberg got involved with signing off our creative, the film broke box office records and our campaign appeared on the front cover of the LA Times!

That was the big idea but how to support it? 5 weeks prior we targeted key days (weds, Fri and Sat) based on our consumer research and ran a campaign driving advanced ticket sales. Receiving usually confidential real time ticket sales data from universal we optimised the campaign across our digital screen network within Malls and Rail, dialing up play when ticket sales were low and reducing when they were high. The result? The most successful film of 2015 (as of 3rd Dec) and it didn't stop there, we not only created the campaign but co developed a global first (our audio syncronisation platform Beakle) new ambient sites and even produced everything! that's right, from the raptors to the social media on screen!


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