A good New Year's resolution is to learn nothing at all.

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Look at yourself. Everything you already know, all the knowledge you have acquired with effort and probably a lot of sacrifice, everything you have learnt over the years, all the courses you have taken, all the hours you have spent on the internet filling in endless forms and applying to poor offers that not even your father would like, have not helped you find a job. So why learn anything else this New Year?

Maybe there are things that can't be learned. Or can't be taught. Like, for example, freshness, effort or passion. These things are not learned or taught, they are lived. To work in an advertising agency, you have to live as if you were already working in one. Work many hours a day, without knowing how many. Every day, from Monday to Friday. Or some Saturdays too. Or some nights. Like working in an agency. Doing many advertising campaigns, without knowing how many. Studying strategies, defining concepts, creating ads, graphics, spots, videos for social networks, mailings... whatever it takes. To work in an advertising agency you have to know how to suffer and enjoy at the same time.

Signing up for Portfolio Review guarantees you that kind of hard work for 4 weeks. You'll feel great and you'll feel bad at the same time. Without a doubt, having a portfolio that demonstrates your true skills as an art director or graphic designer and the power of your creativity, your freshness, your effort and your passion, will make it easier for you to find a job.

Getting a professional presentation is a key factor in a recruitment process and that's what Portfolio Review offers you. Polishing your creative concepts to their maximum expression, demonstrating your mastery of certain aspects of graphic communication and guaranteeing your professionalism through a brilliant and tidy portfolio that goes from strength to strength, will make it easier for you to get into an advertising agency or a design studio.

Portfolio Review does not have a job board, nor does it even guarantee that you will learn anything at all. To guarantee something like that is as ridiculous as trying to measure talent. And advertising is not like that, although it does require a method: Encourage yourself to work really hard. To rack your brains looking for the most creative solutions. To study in depth the work done by other professionals from all over the world, to get to know the world of communication, advertising and design. If you add to this a lot of passion for what you do, success is guaranteed. You can already book a place for your Portfolio Review at www.javierferran.com.

This is the only thing that can guarantee you a job in the new year. May this be your New Year's resolution. And may it be fulfilled. 


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