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Things I have done that I am proud of:

I am proud of my results at university and feel I really grew as a person while learning there. I developed a passion for study and the arts and have such an appetite for creativity in its playfulness, but also in it's scrutinous analysis of society and humanity. I loved the relationships I built with the lecturers and students there. We became a group with a love for life, a group that shared our studies and opinions openly and critically.

I have been a practising illustrator for a year now and have attained a pretty neat list of clients all in the industries I want to be a part of. My networking skills have been the key to these jobs, and this is what I love about the work. I have to go out and make friends for a job! Then think about cool projects we can do together. I love the process of growing my social media and getting involved in the illustration world, and as a result have been featured by more and more platforms, and I hope to only grow further.

I have been very active in terms of music. On top of Dj work and various radio show contributions I have been part of a sound art group called 700ok that have done gigs in Bristol, London, Falmouth and Berlin, and are now engaging in a couple radio shows around the globe. This has taken a load of skill in analysis and objective thinking, as well as lots of planning and communication skills, because we are creating something very abstract and have to figure out how to be pragmatic about our practise and make sure it is something that people can not only understand, but will hopefully give them a fresh perspective on things.

I am proud of my work as an art teacher and really felt that I had an affinity with kids. I loved the process of working out lesson plans, having them deconstructed by their impeccable questioning abilities then coming up with a beautiful new combination of my education and their fresh perspective on the world. I surprised myself by becoming a lot stronger at leading groups and bringing my own ideas to the surface. I have the teacher's openness to my lesson plans to thank for that.


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