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The Challenge
Goldman Sachs required a global internal communications campaign aimed at their vender service supply chain. Highlighting the processes and methodology and level of quality demanded by Goldman Sachs. Providing an insightful overview of the ‘VSE’ (Vender Service Excellence) initiative in a clear, engaging and multi culturally sensitive way. Choosing the effective mediums to deliver this multi-media campaign.

The Solution
The campaign collateral consisted of a variety of different elements including an animated video, posters and various print elements.

A series of colourful characters were designed and used throughout the VSE campaign. The characters were diverse, each with their own shape, features, and abstract colour way (chosen from the Goldman Sachs colour palette). We’ve deliberately avoided giving the characters a gender or race.

A faux 3D flat illustration style was suggested, both in terms of aesthetic and for feasibility of animation. With subtle animated gestures (waves, blinks, squats, swinging arms, sways) allowing for personality and humour.

The Result
Feedback from the Goldman Sachs team was exceptional and the campaign was rolled out globally.

“Hi Jason – Wow, this looks great. I watched it on my phone and it’s awesome! Excellent work team”
Nick Pesce, Goldman Sachs.

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