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The Challenge
To produce a targeted promotional video (used in conjunction as part of a wider marketing campaign) aimed at a focused world wide sector specific market. Providing an insightful overview of the companies new business offering ‘CyNav’, an innovative and flexible insurance solution specifically tailored to cover cyber exposure affecting the marine industry. Having been provided with substantial information from the client which needed to be conveyed in a precise, concise, engaging and multi culturally sensitive way.

The Solution
Choosing a target length of not more than one and a half minutes. First identifying the key messages to communicate then along side script writers developing a script and design ethos.

Offering a creative, polished, engaging and intelligent video that resonated with the target audience. Highlighting the benefits of Willis Towers Watson's ‘CyNav’ insurance solution. The visual approach taken incorporated bold, strong playful styling creating lively and visually exciting transitions along with conveying key messages in a clear format. Culminating with a fluid natural animation flow ensuring viewer engagement. The styling was designed to fit and compliment the brand personality. This was used in conjunction with the Willis Towers Watson primary and secondary colour palette.

The Result
Feedback from the client was exceptional. The animation was rolled out globally as part of a wider marketing campaign.

“The CyNav animation has gone down a storm – the press release was picked up globally in at least 30 places – including China :)”
“This animation has been a real winner with everyone!”
"When we first hosted it there were 990 videos of which CyNav is the 4th most viewed globally! And with the highest engagement rate of all of 89%!"
Sally Irvine, Marketing Director, Global Aerospace and Global Marine, WTW.

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Date published: 30 October 2020 2020-10-30T15:13:00+0000


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