Creativepool Annual Spotlight: Emerging Agency of 2019 - BBD Perfect Storm

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BBD Perfect Storm is a modern agency for a modern world; an agency that understands culture needs to be shaped not by reflection and appropriation but by setting the agenda. Since opening in 2013 (the same year as Creativepool, as a matter of fact), the agency has proven to be a cool and disruptive influence on the London creative scene. That’s exactly why we made it our Emerging Agency of the Year last year in the Creativepool Annual.

As part of our series examining the Annual award winners of 2019 in the run-up to our 2020 Annual unveiling, we caught up with founder and CEO Jason Foo. In a decidedly Casula interview, we were able to gather his thoughts on how the creative industries have developed in the last 7 years, his agency’s wonderful, award-winning work and, of course, what the Creativepool Annual means to him and his team.


How did you find out about the Creativepool Annual initially?

Naturally, it was through the Creativepool platform.

Where do you keep your copy of the 2019 Annual?

It sits proudly in our reception for all to see and admire!

Will you be entering again this year? And if so, what are your hopes?

Yes. Gold. Obvs!

How does it feel to have been named Emerging Agency of the Year?

More than anything, it was massively rewarding to all of the team, a team that has worked so hard to make the agency what it is. That recognition was fantastic for them and the follow on recognition and goodwill from clients and industry partners as a result was also absolutely fantastic. Really special.

You also claimed a Bronze for your “Firefighter - It Means So Much More” project. Can you tell us a little more about that and what you think it was about it that the judges appreciated?

This was the work we did for the London Fire Brigade to recruitment. In particular, they wanted to also recruit more women to the service. Traditionally campaigns have been quite focused on the bravery of firefighters and saving lives.  

This is obviously important but we shone a light in a slightly different way by highlighting the future potential of lives that are saved. In other words, you aren’t just saving lives, you’re saving people’s futures. This made for much more emotive and persuasive communications. In fact, the LFB had so many applications they had to suspend the process!

How do you feel the creative landscape shifted in 2019?

Transformation is the key focus of the industry. Transformation of client business and the transformation of our role in it. The global networks lost their place as the natural recipients of big brands and the leading voices in the industry. They need to transform themselves.

What do you think it is about the Creativepool Annual that sets it apart from other awards within the creative industries?

I don’t think any other creative platform or publication has more members or subscribers. As a result, it’s a uniquely connected showcase and celebration of creativity.

On a more general level, do you think awards and award ceremonies are still an important part of the creative landscape?

Yes, absolutely. I think both agencies and clients love to recognise and celebrate great work. That said, I think there’s potentially been too much proliferation of awards, which can devalue them. Of course, some are more important than others!

What are your hopes for 2020 and will you be attending the Annual launch party this year?

2020 is obviously the start of a new decade, and hopefully a decade of continued growth and development for Perfect Storm. Our key goal, as it is every year, is to get better and do even better work than last year. Naturally, we will be at the Annual Launch Party!


What advice would you give you agencies and individuals looking to make an impression and earn a place in this year’s Annual?

Ultimately, you should always focus on what your doing and the impact it is contributing, rather than the recognition. That should follow naturally.

Submit your work today for the Creativepool Annual 2020. To enter your best work from 2019, to be included in the Annual 2020, click HERE and to nominate Agency/Brand, Newcomer, Influencer of the Year or Best Place to Work click HERE. Best of luck and we look forward to seeing you at the Annual launch party on May 28th.