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The Great Science Share 2016

As part of Manchester’s European City of Science events, Marketing Manchester briefed JAM to deliver the branding and creative concept for events throughout the campaign, including the Great Science Share, a contemporary science-led event to engage all ages, and the Manchester Robot Orchestra, a collaborative initiative to create musical robots that would perform in a live orchestra!

Great Science Share was a unique celebration of science, where young people of all ages came together to share what they enjoy about science with their peers and communities.

Manchester Robot Orchestra was an experiment to bring people together to create, collaborate and care for the planet.

Our cross-platform creative was bright and attention-grabbing, whilst remaining modern and relevant to the varied ages of our audience. The design gave a nod towards a molecular structure, linking it back to science and the original brief.

We created branding, school tool kits and an interactive website, which showcased social media interaction, as a platform for academics and students to ‘discover, share and inspire’ - a strapline we created to encompass the event.

Our striking and inclusive design was utilised across multiple platforms, including digital, merchandise, downloadable pack for teachers and outdoor media throughout Greater Manchester.

As part of the landmark event on 6th July 2016, over 200 primary and secondary schools across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester took part in science experiments, shared their activities using social media and learnt about other schools’ experiments via the @2016GSS Twitter account and #scienceshare.

Another activity that formed part of Manchester’s European City of Science was the creation of the Manchester Robot Orchestra. This was a unique cross-generational project that brought schoolchildren, makers, musicians, engineers and the general public together to create a Robot Orchestra using donated, recycled machines and technology. The branding we developed reflected not only the collaborative approach of the event, but also infused the science and the musical aspects of the initiative. Circuit boards were our inspiration for the branding, with their many elements all combining to make items work, much like the robots in the orchestra. Individual elements of the circuit board were used to emphasize the brand and then used across all creative elements to pull out imagery and highlight key aspects of the initiative. We also created the website, robotorchestra, and a social media hashtag #RobotsAreComing.


• 200 teachers & stem professionals attended the TeachMeet
• 158 Greater Manchester schools downloaded the Great Science Share tool kit
• 38,000 Twitter impressions around the one-day event from @2016GSS and #scienceshare
• 86,000 Twitter impressions for #RobotsAreComing

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