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Hydes Brewery
Formed in 1863, Hydes is a creative craft brewer and pub retailer that champions innovation in the industry. Located in the creative hub of the North – Media City, Salford, the brewery has over 150 years of brewing and hospitality expertise and produces in excess of 40 different cask ales every year for 5 different ranges, including The Beer Studio.

The brief:
As part of its strategic development, Hydes Brewery briefed Jam_ to create a fresh new brand identity for The Beer Studio, establishing a point of difference to ensure significant stand out within a competitive market, whilst showcasing the brand’s new range.

The brand identity also needed to provide the client with longevity, to ensure the range could be quickly and easily expanded, year on year.

£3,000 including roll out

The concept
Previously, Hydes Brewery focused on a more traditional style of branding, highlighting its product ranges with muted colour palettes, minimalistic design and heritage names, such as Hydes Original.

Carving its own place within the brewery brand, The Beer Studio focused on creating truly unique and innovative beers using blends of rich ingredients and full bodied flavours - a new and exciting prospect, which its branding had failed to showcase to consumers.

Inspired by the innovative art form of craft brewing, Jam_'s creative concept positioned the brand as an art studio, producing unique products, perfectly blended and crafted over time just like any other well established works of art. As the brewery has proudly sat at the heart of Manchester’s hospitality scene for decades, we knew the new brand could also take inspiration from the city’s rich heritage of creativity, art and culture to add another dimension to its identity.

All the designs created were inspired by design trends, Pantone® swatches and captivating works of contemporary art and visually represented each of the ‘ARTisan’ beers available in the range.

Focusing on bright and attention grabbing shapes and patterns, a bold, colourful and exciting new identity was created. Infusing The Beer Studio with the creative essence it craved, Jam_ designed a distinctive new style, unseen in the craft beer world.

Ale lovers are known for their discerning taste and fierce brand loyalty, so we knew The Beer Studio’s new identity had to mirror its unique, innovative nature, to provide authenticity and a creative edge - ensuring significant stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Jam_ also developed a naming strategy in line with their creative concept. Developing simple names for each beer that were easy to pronounce and remember, whilst reflecting the rich flavours, colours and ingredients within each ale, allowing consumers to taste and experience with their eyes. This strategy ensured that customers would feel comfortable to order at the bar, whilst piquing their interest through the bright and quirky designs.

The final names included Blackberry Burst, an apt name for an ale packed with real blackberry juice and black rye, Lemon Drizzle, a bitter ale brimming with cascade and citra hops and Raspberry Rascal, a blushing blonde beauty filled with sweet raspberry juice - each teasing a glimpse into the striking flavours hidden within each glass.

The vibrant designs showcased the brand’s unique product offering, which Jam_ rolled out across pump clips, marketing collateral and digital assets. The distinctive creative was also strategically designed for easy application across other assets including beer bottles, cans and clothing, this ensured there were no barriers to future brand development.

The concept Jam_ created has provided longevity for The Beer Studio brand, ensuring infinite artwork and naming possibilities for future product launches - which can be taken from inspiring pieces of contemporary art through to collaborations with local artists.

Client testimonial
Paul Holmes, Hydes Brewery, said "The Beer Studio range is fresh, innovative and exciting, now with a fantastic brand identity to match. The unique concept and vibrant artwork Jam_ created has ensured that the brand perfectly mirrors the products within and stands out to new and existing customers.
"Jam_ guided us in a completely new direction with The Beer Studio range, helping us to create a real impact across the industry - an approach we will be utilising moving forward."

Jam_ created and executed a truly unique concept, transforming The Beer Studio’s brand identity through a compelling creative concept that resonated with the brand’s key demographic. Jam_ showcased the new product range utilising the vibrant and distinctive creative - piquing the interest of new customers and retaining the loyalty of the brand’s existing customer base - a difficult achievement in today’s competitive market.

The bold approach guided the client in a brave new direction to ensure The Beer Studio brand achieved significant stand out across the industry and amongst customers, whilst carving a path for any future brand expansion.


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Brewing up a new brand with The Beer Studio