About me

I am a talented, creative, technically minded person with a passion for design and art. I am quick learning, accurate, dedicated, hardworking, and able to follow instructions. I enjoy hands on experience and work well under pressure. I am persistent, positive & able to adapt to difficulties and technicalities.


Arts and Craft, Photography, Technology, Sketching, Landscaping, Technical Drawing, Interior and Exterior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Flower Arranging, Draping, Event Planning, Gardening, Furniture Décor, Wall Décor, Drawing, Architecture, Miniature Sculpture Design.


Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Windows.

Corel Draw Suite, InPixio, Wondershare, Microsoft Expression, Notepad ++, Cinema 4D, Sketch Up and many more.

I have a good command of the English language, and I consider myself versatile, imaginative, motivated, hardworking, dedicated, creative, precise and good at research.

I am passionate about all things design. Ever since I was old enough to lift a pen, I was making a mess and drawing all thing artistic. As I got older I drifted towards using a computer to further my skills in design.

I am a diligent worker, and passionate about my work, I always use any opportunity to grow and further the development of my design skills. I am always eager to learn something new and I am a quick learner.


Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Windows. Corel Draw Suite, InPixio, Wondershare, Microso, All things Design and all things Marketing = Multimedia designer

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Creativepool member since 25 February 2020