IT professionals are always one tech ticket away from disaster – trapped in a vicious cycle where solving problems trumps preventing them. Eaton’s products can prevent some of these issues, but IT pros are too busy to care and too jaded to believe. So, how does Eaton breakthrough?

Ticket of Terror is a mobile-first, choose-your-own-adventure style game where IT pros must sleuth their way around a virtual server room, collecting clues to solve the IT related mystery. This fun and surprising experience was broken into two cases filled with geeky Easter eggs, dead-end scenarios, and themed prizes. Each new clue revealed how Eaton’s products and services could solve our virtual, as well as real-life, IT crises, resulting in fewer late-night server mishaps.

Ticket of Terror drove a record high 1053% ROI with $4.3 million in sales potential for Eaton. The promotion drove the highest number of qualified leads – and highest percentage of net new leads – in the power management division’s history (since 2014), with IT pros completing the full experience an average of 2.9 times.

1. Generate Quality Leads:
a. 8,356 Qualified Leads (158% of goal)
b. 6,660 New Leads (208% of goal)
c. $4.3M Sales Potential (143% of goal)

2. Raise Brand Familiarity & Image:
a. 22:43 Engagement Time (1623% of goal)
b. 48% Familiarity Lift (100% of goal)

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Date published: 25 August 2020 2020-08-25T20:55:19+0100


REGGIE AWARD - Bronze Digital Social or Mobile
REGGIE Award - Gold B2B
REGGIE Award - Gold Content Marketing


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Ticket of Terror