The client needed a very positive, contemporary and recognizable soundtrack for its first global campaign.
The claim, “IF YOU LIKE IT, WEAR IT”, was the starting point for the lyrics' writing and it is an invitation to be yourself independently from the stereotypes and clichets feeded from the society around us. YOOX was supposedly to be seen like an imaginary trip to a place where everything can happen and a medium helping to express yourself without being judged and with irony and personality. The track is playful and gaming, just like fashion should be!
We have been in charge of audio as a whole: music composition, music production, lyrics, sound design, mix & mastering.

The track was clearly inspired and referenced by latests pop charts trends: from Ariana Grande to M.I.A., we had a full immersion in the teen idols' world.

The track feature a caribbean-dancehall beat bended over with an indie rock guitar and sassy lyrics winkling to memes culture and the internet.

The sound design is inspired by apps and augmented reality in general.
The campaign has been broadcasted in Italy, Japan and Hong Kong via TV, radio, cinema & web.

Directed by: Bruno Miotto
Production Company: Twin Studio, Milan, Italy.
Co-Production Company: Tiny Giants, New York.

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Date published: 21 February 2018 2018-02-21T21:46:44+0000


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Annual 2018 BronzeYOOX | If You Like It, Wear ItMusic & Sound

YOOX | If You Like It, Wear It