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WHAT: I GUARANTEE your book, product or service on Google page 1 with NEWS & top keywords in 48 hours or LESS. I put you on the G-spot!

HOW: by feeding Google what it ranks INSTANTLY:

NEWS, simple video, YouTube event with top keywords. Very few people know how to do this.


1 I create content on PressCable. 200+ RESPECTABLE newschannels re-publish this (INSTANT global AUTHORITY) & link back to your website, ranking you on Google page 1. I have 107 reasons for a press release, eg a birthday.

Also can get you the 4 major media logos of ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX.

2 I create a LEGAL 'event' on YouTube EVENTS with keywords, I'll research, to INSTANTLY rank you on Google page 1. NO website, NO video needed. But possible.

3 I TEACH you my LEGAL ways to rank yourself.

Eg. a simple review video, created with your phone in 5 min.

WHY: Pay Per Click may be too costly. Stop spending 18,000$/mo or more to get on page 1!

*** Currently wait list till January. ***

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