Uncommon tells the story of television for ITV

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UK-based broadcaster ITV has launched a new ad fronted by legendary newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald that shows how stories we see on screen can affect us.

The 90-second ad, created by Uncommon Creative Studio and directed by Billy Boyd Cape, features scenes from well-known TV shows and the ITV News to communicate how moments on the box have shaped popular culture.

It opens with McDonald reading the news and continues with the icon’s narration as snippets from programmes such as documentary World in Action and Coronation Street are shown.

More Than TV premiered during Britain’s Got Talent over the Easter Weekend and promotes ITV as a staple of family viewing in the living room at a time when video-on-demand (VoD) is increasingly popular.

The likes of Netflix, Amazon and YouTube have affected terrestrial channel ratings significantly over the past few years, but shared event viewing is still a powerful source for TV execs and advertisers.

ITV does own an equal stake in Britbox, a subscription VoD service which is focused on British TV series. It features current and past content from the channel along with the BBC.




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