Together with GIRLvsCANCER, we collaborated on a digital campaign to bring the lens back onto the cancer community.


What Makes You Super is a celebration of the ‘Super-human’ women behind the cancer diagnosis, raising awareness on World Cancer Day – a day of great importance for The Flash Pack.

In 2013, our co-founder Victoria was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was successfully treated thanks to an early diagnosis by the NHS. Her cancer has not since returned.

Poor handling of the Covid pandemic, and the knock-on effect to a strained NHS has been devastating for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Screenings have been suspended, routine work deferred, and only urgent cases prioritised for intervention. In July 2020, CRUK estimated that there could be as many as 35,000 additional cancer deaths owing to a dramatic drop in GP referrals and cancellation of life-saving treatments.

Bringing the lens back onto the cancer community is more important than ever.


With four members of the cancer community taking to the spotlight, the campaign showcases each participant’s superpower. Focusing on the parts of them that make them ‘them’. Stripping away the labels like ‘brave’ and ‘resilient’, the campaign champions other attributes. Like humility, healing, humour, motherhood and friendship.


Together with GIRLvsCANCER founder Lauren Mahon, The Flash Pack designed the campaign merchandise and produced an editorial shoot at our in-house studios, launching on World Cancer Day 2021.

In a one day shoot, we created multi-channel content for the digital campaign including eCommerce product photography, video content for social teasers, website imagery and creative editorial photography.


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An Editorial Shoot Spotlighting The Cancer Community