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On the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination the Hungarian fashion brand Alma Vetlényi launches its „Equal Colours” campaign.

The central idea of Alma Vetlényi's new collection is based on the importance of colours, their harmony, and equality. In relation with the colours of clothes she is addressing an important and actual question: the problem of racism, while calling attention to eliminate all forms of racial discrimination.

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed annualy on March 21. On this day various human rights organizations demonstrate against racial discrimination and promote tolerance and inclusion and respect for diversity in the context of combatting racism.

„I fight racism with my clothes, with the colours of my clothes, to be precise. All colours are equal for me. They are equally valuable and important. Just like people. We can't discriminate them according to the colour of their skins", says fashion designer Alma Vetlényi.

Vetlényi has always been focusing on real, serious topics from the very early life of the brand: she is interested in the sustainability of fashion, the ecological aspects of production and consumption, and she's also deeply concerned about acute social issues. Her collections embody her personal and designer philosophy, aiming to create awareness about, and making people act against these problems.

The "Equal Colours" campaign was created by advertising agency White Rabbit Budapest. The campaign was communicated offline (print ads, indoor posters), and had social media presence as well, addressing the Hungarian fashion world's open-minded, socially sensitive target audience.

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