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For the first time, a chatbot was transformed into a fully immersive experience with unprecedented interactivity and use of social media profile and behaviour data.

In 15 days, we sent 513K+ messages to 10K+ unique users, resulting in 92 days engagement and 11hrs of gameplay from a single user.

For the release of the film, we needed audiences to understand the skills and attributes required to be an assassin.
For the Australian theatrical launch of ‘American Assassin’, Roadshow tasked us to facilitate awareness of the story and characters; proving it’s more than just a shoot-’em-up film. We also had to create a platform that could be ‘re-activated’ in the event of possible sequels, while growing their email database.

We wanted to test their limits and immerse them in the psyche of film’s main character.
We created the internet’s first gamified assassin-training chatbot by pulling apart Messenger functionality and gamifying every part, creating a fully immersive chatbot with unprecedented interactivity and use of social media data. 125 training modules and 6 in-bot HTML assessment games allowed us to score, rank and profile users to find our Australian Assassin.

Date published: 5 September 2018 2018-09-05T12:19:00+0100


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Roadshow (American Assassin)- A Gamified Assassin-Training Chatbot