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In the UK, a tradesman dies every fortnight from skin cancer. Over 85% of cases are preventable, yet research shows many tradesmen don’t use suncream, seeing it as weak or unmanly.

So this summer we helped Wickes move from home improvement to health improvement. Introducing Tradesman’s Suncream – a fun, no-nonsense way to make suncream relevant to the trade.

Available in Brickie’s Bronze, Plasterer’s Pink and Apprentice White, the range came in miniature paint pots specially packaged to withstand the rough and tumble of a building site, and was given away free nationwide.

Every single pot flew off the shelves, and we achieved huge organic cut through, with over 8 million impressions in just a few days - but best of all we changed attitudes to sun safety among the UK’s most at-risk workers – going a long way to saving lives.

This campaign went live August 2017, results coming soon...

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