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When it came to describing the great taste of Domino’s, social listening told us there were no words to describe it. Instead, people expressed themselves through Gifs and emoticons.

We highlighted this ‘mouth-boggling’ effect of Domino’s pizza on TV and radio, then set about giving people the tools in social media to describe the indescribable feeling Domino’s delivers.

Our digital and social strategy saw us launch a Giphy channel for the first time, giving fans a whole array of Gifeelings to help them express their love of Domino’s. We even produced a Snapchat lens for people to boggle themselves and their friends. The internet loved it and people began boggling anyone and everyone, from Tiddles to Trump.

A whole mouth-boggling social movement was born from a socially informed campaign.

- 33M GIF views
- 8.5M Snapchat plays
- 26.6% YOY Total eCommerce Sales up within campaign window
- 18% YOY Record Total Net Sales Growth for key 10-week
- 13% higher engagement rate than other Domino's posts
- 3.8 times more likely to be shared than regular content

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Date published: 26 January 2017 2017-01-26T12:03:38+0000


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