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With a brand lacking relevance and awareness with younger audiences, Iris was tasked with bringing Pizza Hut to life through its latest strategy; to be ‘younger and everyday’. We created an experience designed to increase Pizza Hut’s awareness and credibility with the younger audiences across 30 markets in Europe. 

With the insight that there were a lot of non-official pizza games on Roblox, we wanted to create an official one by building a space where we challenge our audience to play, socialize, and create, to build association between Pizza Hut and gaming. This was the very first time Pizza Hut launched a game in the Metaverse.

Pizza enthusiasts could explore a surreal pizza themed world by engaging with a series of challenging obstacle courses, quests and collecting ingredients along the way. They could then collaboratively make pizza by launching their ingredients at giant pizza bases using catapults.

We also developed a ‘Launch communications toolkit’ which has been presented and handed over to the different markets to help them launch and communicate about the game in addition to creating IRL merchandise. Game page assets and supporting communications campaign was created by our in-house production agency; Cylndr.

Since the launch in August 2023,  we have made several enhancements such as monitoring player behaviour to increase retention, launching a wintry theme during the festive season. Our first UGC asset called Samurai Armour - 2000 units were claimed under 2 hours using a code redemption feature.


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