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Following our appointment as lead creative and strategic agency in 2018, Pizza Hut Delivery tasked us with the transformation of their brand.

Despite being a much-loved pizza brand in the UK, as a result of their historic association with restaurants, Pizza Hut was less well known for delivering. So, we set out to elevate the brand, their pizzas, their great customer experience – and make sure everyone knows that Pizza Hut delivers.

Enter ‘Now That’s Delivering’ - a new brand platform positioning Pizza Hut as a benchmark in delivery.

We choose to hero five key messages (the choice and flexibility to enjoy delicious restaurant quality pizza delivered to your home, its taste credentials, its Hut Rewards loyalty scheme, favourites from £5 value proposition and its Thirty Minute Speed Guarantee) whilst also taking the fight to the competition – Domino’s.

We created 20 second spots for each message, as well as combining all five in one cheeky and challenging hero film.

The hero film launched on Boxing Day 2018, supported by 20 second and 6 second films, on Facebook and YouTube as targeted, timely interventions to disrupt consumers’ Domino’s habit.

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