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For years, football brands have placed the world’s most successful players on a pedestal, encouraging every young fan’s natural aspiration to be like their heroes by buying their boots. To launch adidas’ new ‘Stadium to Street’ footwear range, we created a campaign to break that convention, challenging young players to #NeverFollow and create their own path instead.

Casting our consumer as our unseen hero, we gave him the confidence and power to create for himself, allowing him to verbally and visually mess with the things that traditional sports advertising celebrates. From Pogba’s off-field swagger to on-field prowess, we digitally disrupt his world and reject the idea of imitating him. After all, those who create, never follow.

This advert isn’t for young fans. It’s for young footballers. The message from the great Paul Pogba is clear though – you’ll never be him, so be you. BUT… you can have his boots.

- With zero media spend, the video content racked up over 9 million organic views across key adidas and partner platforms
- 95% of viewers watched the hero film through to the end, with 22% of viewers clicking through to the e-commerce product page on adidas. com
- 97% of YouTube engagements were positive ones
- Over 40 million unique impressions on social
- Over 200,000 mentions of the #NeverFollow hashtag
- 15% social audience growth

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Date published: 12 February 2018 2018-02-12T15:40:51+0000


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