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In the Korean insurance industry, traditional insurance marketing is failing to
stay relevant to young consumers. Carrot Direct Insurance will be the first of its
kind to release a digital loss insurance company in Korea. Insurance that may
be purchased and stopped directly when it is needed. Through BigData and
blockchain technology, the products are closely related to real-life situations
such as PetSurance, Travel Insurance, and Corona Virus Insurance. CARROT
has two connotations; First, 'to reward', often used to refer to as stick & carrot.
Second, in Korean, the pronunciation is an idiomatic expression of 'Yes! Of
We uncovered young generations are accustomed to short, casual content due
to the time spent on social networks. Thus, we needed to create a brand to
provide enough content for communication to customers and generate interest.
We created for each product illustrations with short gifs to explain the essence
of each product. This suited the mobile economy, making it better suited for
sharing and viral activities. Brand memorable and unique with monochromic
color schemes of orange and blue with design elements that's unique to the


  • Carrot General InsuranceClient
  • Hyo Jung LimBrand Designer
  • Jeongmin LeeBrand Designer
  • Jiyoon ParkMotion Graphic Designer
  • Juyoung KimBrand Designer
  • Minjin ChoiMotion Graphic Designer
  • Namgyu KimBrand Designer
  • * Interbrand
  • * Uzin HwangCreative Director
  • * Hajin JungDesign Director
  • * Yeeun KimBrand Designer
  • * Huikyeong YuMotion Graphic Designer
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