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A recent Ad I worked on for Innocent Drinks. The last ten seconds already existed as the entire ad but the client wanted the characters to walk-on and for the ad to be double the length to accommodate this.

I was brought on-board to create the extra character animation, the walk-ons and the rope pick-ups if you will. This was a huge challenge as all of the original editable Adobe Animate files were lost and I had to re-create the character animations from just SWF files of the last half.

I managed to re-purpose a lot of the dog's movement running around the bottle so this saved time in not having to animate this part frame-by-frame.

Once I had nailed the walk cycle for the guy it was just a case of using the same cycle for the woman character and tweak it slightly which provided many of it's own challenges. Overall I had fun and this was a great project to work on.

Am super grateful to have got to work on something so high profile and certainly helped me to brush up on my Adobe Animate skills too which were getting a little rusty.



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