How to Help Fight the Pandemic with your Creative Skills

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It doesn't matter if you are a designer, a writer, a brand or an agency; the world is coming together to fight the spread of COVID-19, and the creative industries have certainly heard the call.

As the whole world prepares to lock down, knowing about the best practices to avoid contagion can make a tremendous difference. Even when feeling completely safe at home, there is nothing wrong in wishing for an ounce of support during self-isolation.

From illustrations raising awareness to creatives offering support, we have collected examples of “Coronavirus-related art” below. We hope these pieces will inspire you in crafting something similar, enabling you to help others through these challenging times.

Juan Delcan – Break the Chain

Visual artist Juan Delcan’s short clip on Twitter features a match stepping out of the line. A simple yet effective idea, showing the power of “breaking the chain” by simply staying home and self-isolating.

Juan Delcan Video on Twitter

Almost ironically, Juan has become part of a positive chain himself. Several other creatives have used the same match metaphor, urging everyone to stay home safe (more examples below).

The Happy Broadcast – Anxiety-Free News

It’s way too easy to risk drowning in a deep sea of anxiety and fear, when a global pandemic is creeping in from outside. Luckily, the Happy Broadcast isn’t up for all that.

The Happy Broadcast Instagram Feed

Showing adorable illustrations by Italian creative Mauro Gatti, the Happy Broadcast shares weekly “issues” on Instagram overflowing with happy faces and colourful characters. Each post carries a positive tone to contrast hate and fear and strives to spread correct information on "how to cope with Coronavirus.”

Saratfilms – Less is more

You need not be an illustrator or a visual artist to spread awareness – nor you need to have an immense follower count to make a difference. Saratfilms has published a simple video inspired by the same match chain metaphor seen above, with a line of lit matches interrupted by a gap.

Saratfilms Match Video

Let's say you are a writer. A simple visual idea can be enough to attract attention on a social channel such as Instagram. You can then further flesh out your post with an appropriate caption, showcasing your best copy to help your followers stay informed.

St. Xaviers’ Manpada Thane – We’ll Fight!

If you are a brand, an agency or an organisation, it is more important than ever for you to send the right message. Thane City-based school and junior college St. Xaviers’ Manpada Thane has just shared an artwork with a kid wielding sword and shield. The copy is simple and straightforward: “We’ll fight!”


The caption invites to stay home and maintain social distancing, something we should never get tired of hearing these days.

Innocent – Anna's Personal Assistant

Speaking about brands... Deep down, we all love Innocent and we all aspire to be like Innocent when we grow up. The drinks brand has used its characteristic voice to share a picture of Cub. Cub is “their Anna’s personal assistant” and its proud owners care to let us know that there’s been a 74% increase in Ear Scratching.

Innocent Cub Picture Coronavirus

Innocent’s approach extends well beyond Instagram, of course, with daily tweets featuring more cats, showcasing remote-work life and introducing one #WorkingFromHomeChallenge or two.

Sacha Smith – Mystic Illustrations

Just remember we’re in this together.” No more than a sentence to get the point across, and creative Sacha Smith (aka Mystic Illustrations on Instagram) was able to demonstrate her support through a simple, genuine illustration.

Sacha Smith Coronavirus Illustration

It goes a long way to show that living through a pandemic isn’t just about staying safe, following the rules and making sure everything runs smoothly – it is also about supporting each other through difficult times.

And there is no better time than this to use our creative skills to serve a greater good.


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