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infltr is a new type of photo app with an infinite number of filters. Just touch the screen and see the filter instantly change. There's nothing simpler, or more beautiful to use.

• Fast Company: "one of the few-must have photo apps"

infltr stands for “infinite filters”. Keep panning in any direction to discover more unique looks for your photo.

• Wired: "it will certainly break you out of your Mayfair dependency"

We believe in making mobile photography more intuitive. That's why you can add your filter before you capture your photos & Live Photos. Or use the editor to filter existing photos, Live Photos and videos!

• Peta Pixel: "more filters than you could dream"

infltr is the only app that lets you filter your panoramic shots in HD. If you use Photoshop, Illustrator or Lightroom, connect your Adobe Creative Cloud account for even greater creative freedom.

• New Scientist: "give smartphone snaps more than five million different filters"

Our patent-pending technology presents only the very best filters so you can create better pictures, faster.

• The New York Times: "it's fun"

infltr was named "Editor's Choice" and "Best New App" by Apple in over 150 countries! It was also finalist of The Europas in London as well as the 2016 Innovation by Design Awards from Fast Company.

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infltr - Infinite Filters

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