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The “ Jing Shan Classic, Culture and Creative Arts Award” ; is expected to inspire the new generation of artists for art creation relates to social humanities through Jing Shan's art collection of 2018, integrating the ideas of charity and life philosophy, and linking different culture.

When I heard about the foundation and Xia Jing Shan´s work, the fact that his paintings reflect profound philosophical thoughts but they are still beautifully executed in a traditional style, I immediately made a connection with his artwork.

As in the water a fish moves easily in any direction, so in the Buddha-state the fully-emancipated knows no restraints or obstruction." C. A. S Williams.

The project undertaken consists of three illustrations each depicting a Koi carp and a Betta Fish. The illustrations are an allegory of being in a present state of mind. I became aware of the connection whilst researching Buddhist and Mindfulness symbols. As I continued to look into the visual traditions of Buddhism along with Chinese and Japanese iconography, It was clear to me that Koi and Betta fish carry deep spiritual tokens of meaning in Asian culture.
It can be said that in these drawings I pursue the idea of beauty because of the range of colours or the way the ink splatters and strokes are placed in the composition. However, my intention was not only to represent a beautiful element of nature like a fish but also to represent the spiritual idea of staying focused.

This project consists of three illustrations where there are see two fishes on each one; a koi carp and a Betta fish. The two different type of fishes are displayed in the center of the composition swimming in a circle that resembles the Ying Yang symbol. All the elements in the illustrations are an allegory of being present as a state of mind, a mind that is like water, not static.

Format: A4 210 × 297 mm
Materials: Ink and pencil on paper 200g/m


Jing Shan Classic, Culture and Creative Arts Award


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