Young Girls Introduced to Female Political Pioneers Through Handwriting Workbook

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Women's organisation IGNITE has released Writing Our Rights,” a handwriting workbook for young girls that introduces them to female political pioneers while they practice their handwriting skills. The workbook uses the words of 10 iconic women: Susan B. Anthony, Condoleezza Rice, Sandra Day O'Connor, Nikki Haley, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Shirley Christholm, Catherine Cortez Masto, Nancy Pelosi, Tammy Duckworth and Hillary Clinton, to teach girls more than just how to write. It helps girls realise their potential and inspires them to become the next generation of political leaders.


The workbook, which was conceptualised and designed by IGNITE’s creative partner Pereira & O'Dell, is made up of writing practices containing quotes and excerpts from dozens of powerful speeches. If a leader resonates, perforated pages allow it to be torn out and used as a poster. When a girl reaches the end of the book, she’ll find a place to write her own inspirational words. IGNITE believes that when girls are writing their rights, they’re writing their future.

Donors who make a gift of $50 or more to this campaign will receive a hardback copy of the limited edition professionally bound “Writing Our Rights” workbook, as a special thank you for supporting IGNITE’s efforts to empower the next generation of women to step into political power. However, a digital copy of the book is also available for all to download for free.


Anne Moses, Founder & President of IGNITE National, said: “We believe that introduction to leadership at a young age is as a fundamental as learning to write. We hope that these words from 10 of the most iconic female politicians in American history will teach girls that they are powerful and capable of becoming political leaders someday too.” PJ Pereira, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Pereira & O’Dell, added: “Writing is an act of ownership. When these very young women copy these inspiring words with their own hands, they are making it theirs.”



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