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WWF Chile, in its educational role and being part of society, bets on education as a powerful tool for transformation. Through it, behavior changes can be inspired, and it serves to promote environmental awareness in collective learning spaces.
Due to the pandemic, the collective instances were not possible to articulate; which forced children to learn virtually from their homes.
The objective of this campaign was to enhance the role of WWF Chile by generating an accessible and safe educational experience for children, launching "Footprints of Extinction", a virtual museum that gives visibility to some species that are already extinct or on the verge of disappearing, in order to educate to future generations and raise awareness.

It is important to remember that Chile is once again in quarantine, which meant that a large part of public places were closed, including educational establishments and recreational and/or cultural places. During the campaign month the following results were achieved:

- The scope of communication during the campaign period reached more than 10 million people (+30% of the objective set).
- More than 15,000 VR interactions with the content were achieved during the campaign period (+35% of the stated objective)
- +28.000 unique visitors to the website were achieved during the campaign period (+30% of the objective set)
- +14.000 effective users were achieved on the website during the campaign period (+32% of the proposed objective).
- Earned media equivalent to $60.000.


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