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Overview: The Blade Runner film brand has had a very strong fan following since it was ahead of it's time when it was first released in 1982 with Harrison Ford as it's protagonist leaving the audience with several unanswered questions. Flash-forward 35 years, Blade Runner 2049 was released to continue the Blade Runner story with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling as its leading actors.

IMAX has a strong fan following. It's fans automatically connect the IMAX experience with the IMAX countdown branding piece that plays ahead of each of its films. This piece highlights the key IMAX technological differences that make the IMAX experience, THE IMAX EXPERIENCE. It's a piece that all of IMAX's fans look forward to when they buy an IMAX ticket to experience one of its films.

To help further ignite the Blade Runner fanbase buzz for this film, IMAX developed a custom countdown branding piece for Blade Runner 2049 that took its viewers on a sneak peek into the world of Harrison Ford an Ryan Gosling. This on-screen countdown branding piece fully integrated the look and feel of the film without compromising the integrity of the traditional IMAX countdown. In :52 sec., IMAX highlighted its key points of differentiation - image clarity, expanded aspect ratio from 2.4:0 to 1.9: which means that the audience sees up to 26% more image top and bottom on IMAX screens, and sound system - within the look and feel of the Blade Runner world.

It was a seamless integration of both film and the IMAX brand to bring fans to the edge of their seats and to provide them with a teaser to whet their appetite.

The custom countdown branding piece was pushed out on Social Media and received huge praise from Blade Runner fans and the IMAX fanbase.

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Blade Runner 2049 Countdown