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Project: Tinyman for President
Client: I-BeaM Books
Info: Book cover illustration for Tinyman for President, a comic and ominous accounting of the impeachment and Democratic primaries as seen through the superhero candidate Tinyman.
Published November 2020

Date created: November 2020 2020-11-01T00:00:00+0000
Date published: 4 September 2021 2021-09-04T08:28:04+0100


Best of Category in book design at the 63rd ADAI (Art Directors of Iowa) Design Exhibition


Tinyman for President - Miriam Martincic


I know Miriam Martinic only via the work she has done for a friend of mine and for my company, plus maybe a half-dozen short e-mails. Despite this limited sample set, I have no problem rating Miriam's work: she's a 5-Star All-Star without question. In fact, given a mere 5-star rating system, I'd have to say that Miriam qualifies for at least 6 or 7 stars. Yes, she's that good. Miriam produces the type of work that makes the untalented (like myself) think: "Wow, how does she do that?" and "Man, I sure wish I could something even half as good." It would be easy to drain a thesaurus of all its superlatives trying to describe how exquisite Miriam's work is, but instead I will simply say this: "Thank you, Miriam, for what you did for "Tinyman for President": your book cover made this book irresistible and compelling, and what more could a publisher ask for? Thanks, again."

* Dirk Stratton
Publisher at I-Beam Books
12 Sep 2021